Hello (Fantastic pre-launch rates)

Richard Bonzani rbonzani at spunknetwork.com
Sat Nov 9 06:49:39 UTC 2002

To whom it may concern: 
My name is Richard Bonzani, and I am in charge of the Business Development   
Department of Spunknetwork Inc. One of our Web properties is called 
FileClicks.com, a premiere software/shareware portal that provides 
daily information on the best software available on the Internet.
We are running a special advertising "pre-launch promo" for the  
month of November. We have only a few spots available in
each section for advertisers, so make sure you take advantage
of this offer while it is still available.
What others have said about our service:
Lockergnome: " I've been watching them for a while; they've
got the magic that most e-destinations are missing. They're
one click away from ruling the roost. "- Christopher Pirillo
GlobalSCAPE: "These guys seem to have quite a following, and
we appreciate the many downloads they have driven for our
popular FTP client, CuteFTP."
Each banner will be permanent and non-rotating for the duration of
the agreed upon length of sponsorship.
The following promo rates will run from November 2002 until 
April 15th 2003:
468x60 banner..$40.00 per week. 
( Discounts if paid in advance.. $65.00 for 2 weeks.. $100.00 per month.) 
100X60 banner..$30.00 per week.
( Discounts if paid in advance.. $50.00 for 2 weeks.. $85.00 per month.)
88x31 banner...$20.00 per week.
( Discounts if paid in advance.. $35.00 for 2 weeks.. $60.00 per month.)
2 lines of text ( 4-6 words per line ).. $95.00 per month
Surely you can see that these prices are extremely competitive and
spaces are limited. Please respond as soon as possible to reserve your  
sponsorship on the site that is "one click away from ruling the roost."        
We, as a company, reward loyalty. We offer a 5% discount off our normal
rates for those who continue with us after our launch, or 1/2 price to 
those who generate 2 referrals that come on board after launch.
Banners or buttons must be the specified size. All images can 
be either GIF or JPEG, and animations are allowed. Also no Java or 
Flash can be used. Your button or banner can be changed at 
any time with two-business day's notice. We do not accept offensive
Please be advised that if desired, we can do the banner creations
for an additional charge.
FileClicks.com focuses on English- speaking surfers interested in 
software from the ages 16 through 42--both male and female. 
The University of Brighton, England, conducted a survey on 
Internet users, which showed that 53% of people using the 
Internet are male and 47% are females. They also found the 
average age of Internet users to be between 25 and 34. Global 
Internet Statistics reports that 51% of Internet users are 
English readers.
Acceptance Policy:
Spunknetwork Inc reserves the right to review all advertising prior
to the publish date. Spunknetwork.com further reserves the right to 
restrict advertising that does not meet the above criteria or 
causes aesthetic dissonance within the network.
Statistics on banner status and performance (click-through rate,
impressions, etc.) will be provided to all our advertisers free 
of charge.
Please e-mail me at rbonzani at spunknetwork.com for further details or
Please Note:
This email is not spam, but rather a personalized email sent to
key companies that could be interested in additional advertising
where their applications are currently gaining free exposure
through us on FileClicks.com.
Thank You,
Richard Bonzani 
Business Development of Spunknetwork Inc
http://www.spunkmedia.com ~ rbonzani at spunknetwork.com

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