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On Wed, 6 Nov 2002 00:00, Sebastian Faubel wrote:
> > Not everyone will agree with all requirements as satisfying everyone is
> > near impossible, however the requirements process is involving all
> > interested parties across the whole KDE project so I don't think they can
> > just be ignored because one person disagrees.
> that's not what i said....

Okay, must have been a misinterpretation, my apologies. :-)

> i already began to make some stuff ( remember "KDE Revision Guidlines"
> ), but after nobody really cared (or even read) about it - i stopped
> writing down such things.

I did try to read that document, but the online translation I got wasn't too 
clear, maybe you could restate your points for the sake of the betterment of 
this process?

> the only thing i can say is, that if the timeframe is too short - i
> cannot cope with that. i'm rellay damn busy at the moment and already
> doing what i can....

I think the timeframe is still negotiable dependent upon people's input, well 
actually it definitely is and of course people's availability will affect the 
timeframe as well. All I was getting at is that a timeframe is never going to 
suit everyone and there is a definite need for a timeframe so we don't let 
things slip for weeks on end without doing anything, the timeframe itself is 
still a variable until more input is received. *hint* *hint* to anyone else 
reading this...

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