[PATCH] update www.kde.org - the first patch

Andy Goossens andygoossens at softhome.net
Wed Mar 6 20:44:39 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 6 March 2002 20:04, Daniel Naber wrote:
> Any special reason why the "RealDOS" distributor was
> removed?

I checked each distributor for changes in prices and if each CD was still 
available. The only CD that came close to have KDE packages was the "Support 
CD für SuSE". I had doubts about its description "Alle Updates, Patches, und 
KDE Pakete für das letzte herausgekommende SuSE Linux" and its price is 20 
Euro. I don't know the DM / Euro ratio and my German is far from perfect :-) 
But the price for "RealDOS" on cdrom.html was 10 DM. My question: is it still 
the same CD that cdrom.html meant? I found it strange because customcdrom.de 
went from 12 DM to 3.5 Euro (and the donation 2 DM -> 1 Euro).

If it's a mistake of mine, please revert it...

Andy Goossens - andygoossens-at-softhome.net

"The Microsoft story started with Basic. Now every Windows version is built 
upon it."

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