updating www.kde.org

Andy Goossens andygoossens at softhome.net
Mon Mar 4 15:13:38 UTC 2002


I found several pages on www.kde.org that are _really_ outdated. Do you need 
some proof?

*) http://www.kde.org/kdeships.html - "SuSE Linux 7.1 ships now with KDE 
2.0.1", "Linux Mandrake 7.2 ships with KDE", and so on...

*) http://www.kde.org/webmirrors_howto.html - has some mistakes:
"cvs -z3 co -dPA www" - It does create a PA directory, 'co' should be 
replaced with 'update' to work correct.
"...It requires the wget problem but should..." - wget isn't a 'problem', but 
a 'program' :-)

*) "wow, it has been my Luebeck's old address" and "Wow, this still had my 
address in England..." were the reactions of coolo and faure when they 
updated the contact.html page 2 days ago...


The list of remarks is very long, but I don't want to clutter your mailboxes 
:-) I sent a mail to webmaster at kde.org with the 'wget problem' mistake one 
month ago, but got no reaction and it isn't corrected on the page. Is there 
someone reading those mails?

If you don't mind, I want to be a volunteer to update the site. I always 
wanted to contribute to KDE and now I'm still a lousy C++ programmer :-)

Konold, if you're reading this: Are you ftp admin? ftp.kde.org and ftp 
mirrors have the /pub/kde/Mirrors file with the following lines:
"The KDE-1.1.2 Release is available at 
It seems you have written that. It needs some updating too :-)

Andy Goossens - andygoossens-at-softhome.net

"The Microsoft story started with Basic. Now every Windows version is built 
upon it."

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