KDE Dot News: We Need Help

Sean Pecor sean at digitalspinner.com
Tue Jun 18 19:19:00 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 18 June 2002 12:45 pm, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> If you think you can host or know of anyone who could host the dot,
> please contact me with details.  It'd have to be a server capable of
> running Zope/Python (256M ram plus any contemporary CPU should do),
> Apache, and have a reliable and fairly fast network connection.

What is the monthly bandwidth use of the dot? 

I have a dedicated server running at Verio that is extremely reliable. It's a 
Linux machine, PIII Coppermine, 256 megs RAM, Apache (latest), Mysql, etc. 
18gb SCSI drive is doing about 25mb/sec, at 45% capacity. 

Latest uptime:

  2:30pm  up 349 days, 22:00,  1 user,  load average: 0.12, 0.14, 0.13

It hosts about 20 sites currently and is pretty underutilized. Other sites 
include http://www.groupit.org, http://www.digitalspinner.com, 
http://www.marketingtool.com, etc. I've had a machine at Verio since 1998, 
and it will be staying there at least until mid-2003. 

As far as the network connection, you can find more at 
http://www.dedicatedserver.com. There is plenty of bandwidth, to be sure, 
plus the facility is in Alexandria, VA with good performance across the 

If noone else of greater strategic importance steps up to donate hosting 
resources then I'd be happy to provide a home for the dot. 


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