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Insa Greener igreener at redhat.com
Wed Jun 12 11:54:38 UTC 2002


My name is Insa Winkelbrandt-Greener and I work for Red Hat. I've had a
look on the KDE site and noticed that it mentions that Red Hat Linux 7.0
is shipping with KDE (http://www.kde.org/kdeships.html). 

I was wondering whether you would mind changing that information, as
it's quite out of date. The latest version of Red Hat Linux, as you're
probably aware, is Red Hat Linux 7.3, which comes with KDE 3.0 and
started shipping last month. 

I would be grateful if you would use following text to replace the text
currently found on the above page:

"Red Hat Linux 7.3 ships with KDE 3.0

The new Red Hat Linux 7.3, which has been available in shops since the
end of May, surpasses all previous versions. Never has there been such
an extensive version of Red Hat Linux. With features such as KDE 3.0,
Kernel 2.4.18 and XFree86 4.2, Red Hat Linux 7.3 is completely up to

In Red Hat Linux 7.3 Personal, multimedia support has been improved and
extended considerably. For the first time ever, the multimedia player
xine has been included. The Linux Kernel now supports USB2. The latest
USB digital cameras are perfectly supported via gPhoto2. The graphics
program GIMP has been extended and features improved performance. The
new network wizard makes setting up a local network, incl. ISDN, ADSL
and network card child's play. The Windows Emulator wine now supports
even more programs.

Red Hat Linux 7.3 Professional is ideal for small and medium-sized
businesses, as well as for home users or anyone wanting to use Red Hat
Linux as a server or to publish web content. The Professional Edition
comes with extensive support for a variety of tasks, from setting up a
traditional web server with a database, providing web, file,print, mail
and news server functionality, to installing a fully functional
development station. For home use, Red Hat Linux provides everything you
would expect from a modern operating system, from office suites to

The RRP for Red Hat Linux 7.3, which consists of 8 CD-ROMs (3
installation CDs, 2 source CDs, StarOffice CD, documentation CD, Linux
applications CD) a personal DVD, 1 manual, 30 days Web based
installation support and Red Hat Network, is Euro 68.85 (excl. VAT). For
Red Hat Linux 7.3 Professional, consisting of 9 CD-ROMs (3 installation
CDs, 2 source CDs, 2 Linux applications CDs (workstation and server),
StarOffice CD, documentation CD), 1 DVD, a business card sized SysAdmin
CD, 4 manuals, 60 days Web and telephone based installation support and
90 days Red Hat Network, the RRP is Euro 239.93 (excl. VAT)."

I also attach boxshots of the latest product. 

Many thanks in advance for your assistance. 

Best regards, 
Insa Winkelbrandt-Greener
European Marketing Executive

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