Open Graphics: Penguin pictures for your project (free as speech)

Alessandro Franceschi franceschi at
Tue Jul 9 10:47:03 UTC 2002

Dear KDE dudes,
Coresis is undertaking a project called Open Graphics, which is oriented
to the production of free computer artwork for worthy Open Source

We contact you, among few, in order to know if you might be interested
in having some personalized graphics for your Linux project.
We are therefore offering you (no fees, no prices) wallpapers, logos,
pictures, graphics about Linux and Tux with your own logo/slogan.
For this we just ask credits and links to OpenGrahics pages.

The quality of the graphics you might expect can be seen on Penguin Art , all you have to do is:
- Ask for a wallpaper, a new logo, a picture, a bunch of coloured pixels
(give details if you have specific needs or desires);
- Wait for our mail with the attached work by Tatlin, Coresis' Art
- Use, if you like, the graphics we've sent, wherever you want (as long
as your project is released with a GPL-like licence);
- Give credits to Coresis and link to where you use the work;
- Know that we'll probably publish the free graphics made for you also
in the same Penguin Art ;
- Copyright of the work is by Coresis, use of the graphics is free as
speech (apply the principles of GPL to these graphics).

So, we hope this proposal might interest you.
Write us if you have questions or doubts,
write us for your graphics request,
write us and wait.
A Tux of pixels should knock at your mailbox soon.

Best Regards,

Alessandro Franceschi - Open Graphics Team Manager
Maurizio "Tatlin" Marotta - Open Graphics Art Director

Coresis Srl - Italy

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