Where could I find KDE 3.0.2 for Redhat?

Andy Goossens andygoossens at pandora.be
Mon Jul 8 12:23:00 UTC 2002

On Monday 08 July 2002 02:09, Jeremy wrote:
> I've got KDE 3.0 for Redhat 7.3, but you guys don't have 3.01 or 3.02
> ported to Redhat...  Where might I find it, or would it be safe to use the
> SuSE or Mandrake binaries?  I don't understand why you guys wouldn't have
> it ported to Redhat, one of the most popular (If not -the- most popular)
> Linux distro out there.
> -Jeremy, who is desperate to upgrade and get rid of the nasty bugs in KDE
> 3.0

Please read http://www.kde.org/packagepolicy.html

In short:
The KDE Project only delivers source code, not binary RPMs, DEBs, or whatever. 
We can not create binaries for every distribution out there. If a 
distribution wants to give their users a KDE desktop, they have to do it 

Please note the "Special Case: Red Hat" section in that webpage. If you want 
KDE RPMs for Red Hat, you should ask them instead.

I'm sorry, but we can't help you...

Andy Goossens -- andygoossens at pandora dot be

"Use the Source, Luke..."

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