invalid link for kde-download

Julien Michielsen julien at
Wed Jul 3 08:13:41 UTC 2002

Would have liked to download the latest kde-3.0.2, but arrived on an
invalid page at ibiblio. Was at page,
and clicked under SuSE on 7.3:  Intel i386 . First this gave ma a page
with a contents like "this page has been moved", but now it says "cannot
connect to remote server".

However, in the mean time I succeeded to download from
org, starting at pub/kde/stable/3.0.2, and going my way down to i386/7.3 .
Trying again from the kde-download pages, and clicking Suse 7.3 I got
another warning that the page was empty. The webmaster in Austria gets
a copy of this message, telling that the link to is invalid.


Julien Michielsen
julien at

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