Web site translation through PHP function

Eric Bischoff e.bischoff at noos.fr
Tue Feb 19 14:52:30 UTC 2002

Le Mardi 19 Février 2002 15:48, Chris Howells a écrit :
> Hi,
> The kdeedu people have been asking for it to be possible to provide
> translations on edu.kde.org.
> I recently thougt about the method of the method of implementing i18n on
> websites, and came up with the idea of a i18n("This string is to be
> translated") type call, where the return value of the function depends on
> the language requested (e.g. it would work pretty much like PHP.
> Would people (e.g. translator especially) be happy with something like
> this?
> Would it also be useful to implement this method of translations on
> kde.org?

Coolo, how much would it take to adapt your xml2pot and po2xml scripts for 
HTML? It would be much easier and powerful a mechanism to use than what Chris 
is proposing, and it would be a killer application for translating any web 
site! :-)

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