web discussion forum [Re: Inclusion of "Konstruct" in www.kde.org's application news]

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 26 06:16:13 UTC 2002

Stephan Binner <binner at kde.org> wrote:
> Could dot.kde.org host a web discussion forum (with accounting)?
> Such thing seems popular (http://www.kde-forum.de/,
> http://gnomesupport.org/forums/) but sadly kde-forum.org's
> maintainer seems to be not dedicated and incompetent.

Well yeah, but the guy Zeno currently has an account on the server and
is setting up his forum.  The whole thing seems to be taking a rather
long time, I guess he's not experienced at this.

You might want to discuss it with him, but if you're offering to do
this, then you're certainly welcome to have the same arrangement on
the dot this Zeno has.

Personally, I couldn't do this because it would simply be too much
distraction and I'd have a conflict of interest with the dot.  I have
some ideas for it, but nobody who does the work wants to listen to
me (can't really get Zeno to hear me either)...


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