Inclusion of "Konstruct" in's application news

Stephan Binner binner at
Sat Dec 21 19:13:46 UTC 2002

On Saturday 21 December 2002 19:52, Navindra Umanee wrote:

> > Then we need to recruit new people for this.
> How will you do this?

Did I say I will? :-) Lauri and I recently tried to recruit somebody in but I'm not sure if somebody who considered it will
contribute to the KDE FAQ or create a FAQ for the newsgroup which could
be taken as basis. Btw there is

> > The Wiki idea is not new AFAIR, what were reasons not to realize it?
> Because we need a maintainer for it, someone who does the actual work?

For the start you not necessarily need someone designated to do the work,
only one who regularly supervises the latest changes and reverts them if
the Wiki is abused. I would expect abuse and IMO everybody who understands
the Wiki concept will tolerate it but only for a short time before removal.

> If you tell me I can just set it up and forget about it, I can do that.
> I've never used it before.

I have no experience as operator either. :-)


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