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Robert JACOLIN rjacolin at
Mon Dec 2 16:54:40 UTC 2002


I'm one of the kde french team. I want to put the french version of news on 
the french version of website. All news on the website are 
already translated by our team but they are not integrate on the french 
version of :( The problem is this integration.

The news (mainly the title) are "exported" by RSS way on a first website 
( To "import" it in, I have a php script (a 
RSS parser) but it needs "php4 compiled with pcre". Can you confirm that the 
php version on has been compiled with this option ?

The php script can be downloaded here if you want more information about it :

Don't hesitate to ask more information to me or to the kde-fr mailing list 
(mailto:kde-francophone at if you need.



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