KDE facts and figures page (again)

Éric Bischoff e.bischoff at noos.fr
Thu Aug 22 15:06:06 UTC 2002

Hi Kurt,

I've had a long discussion with Thomas Diehl about the current number of KDE 
translators. On
it is said that
	The translation team alone consists of 110 individuals.

We feel that this (quite old) number is underevaluated by now. We suggest to 
say instead that
	The translation team alone consists of about 300 individuals translating
	KDE to more than 50 languages.
The "about 300 individuals" figure is an extrapolation of the results of a 
survey conducted a few months ago by Jaime Robles for an article in a Spanish 

Would you mind changing that line? For my part, I will double-check the 
distributed documentation to update the figures in the various FAQs and 
presentations as well.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Éric Bischoff

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