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marko faas argus at
Thu Aug 22 11:40:12 UTC 2002

Hi Klaus,

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 12:51, Klaus Stärk wrote:
> Hi KDE-webmasters,
> I was thinking about giving a new Keramik-like style - and I was
> wondering if there's already a discussion about a new webpage layout for
> and other webpages of the KDE-family - considering the new KDE look-and-feel
> Keramik in the upcoming KDE release 3.1.
> I think we should give our pages a bit of the freshness of Keramik ...
> Any thoughts about this topic?

I am also conseriding a new layout - And a new interaction design. Tto
me, the current has lots and lots of good info, but it is so
fragmented and not really targetted at specified user groups. Why should
a new user now about KDE alpha's? Or how to help? And business users
might want to know stuff about networking and return on investment.
Users might want to read how to get the fonts right and what to do about
multimedia.Also, I've noticed that a number of subsites are dead. 

In fact, I have made proposal, still very rough tough, and now you're
bringing the subject up, I might as well post it:

I propose to devide the site into five target groups:
WELCOME: for those interested in KDE, but still now using it.
NOVICE USERS: for those who just have installed KDE and learning to get
ADVANCED USERS: For those who know their way around and want to get
everything out of KDE and make sure they have always the latest beta.
PROFESSIONAL USERS: For businesses, governments and educational
DEVELOPERS: For those working on KDE or KDE-applications.

(I would love it when those groups are identified with a slick Konqi.
Konqi with a tie for the professional users, konqi with tools for
developers etc :-)

For every target group, I propose several sections:
- Explain: These are howto's and walkthroughs
- News: This is news about KDE, KDE-apps or even Linux. 
- Database: Here you can find lists, faqs, statistics and (hopefully) an
answer to your questions
- Community: here you can find peers so you can collaborate on a
project, brainstorm or just socialize around KDE.

More in detail:


- What is KDE 
- Explain Open Source 
- Screenshots KDE 
- Windows/Apple vs KDE 
- Linux vs KDE 
- Why should I switch to KDE? (aka the good points) 
- Why shouldn't I switch to KDE? (aka the bad points) 
- How to get KDE 
No news in this section 
- Where to get KDE (list of distributions and their Unique Selling
- Comparation tables with software from Windows, Apple, KDE/X11, GNOME 
- Chat with developers, advanced users that are willing to serve as a
- The essentials (fonts, skins, settings) 
- How and where to get help 
- Howto's about simple issues 
- Where's KDE heading, what to expect 
- KDE milestones 
- New consumer oriented services 
- Where to see KDE in action (Linux shows) 
- Features about KDE people 
- Software-selector 
- Help (read only) 

- Roadmap KDE 
- Whitepapers 
- Howto about complicated issues 
- Where's KDE heading, what to expect 
- KDE milestones 
- New consumer oriented services 
- Where to see KDE in action (Linux shows) 
- Features about KDE people 
- KDE beta's 
- KDE Apps beta's 
- Software-selector 
- Help (read and write) 
- Women 
- Multimedia 

- Cost of ownership 
- Testimonials 
- Compare with Windows, Apple 
- Server or desktop (or both) 
- Legal issues 
- Open Source explained 
- How to get support 
- Koffice 
- Konqueror 
- Kpim 
- How to submit bugs 
- new business applications & patches 
- companies that switch to KDE 
- new support deals 
- new legal stuff 
- features about KDE people 
- security information
- Compatibility issues 
- Where to get support 
- Educational users 
- Small business 
- Enterprise IT departments 
- Governments

- CVS 
- KBabel 
- Kdevelop 
- Who's who 
- What to do 
- Usability 
- Art 
- KDE-look 
- Promo


Of course, tehre is so much info already available, that most of
just should be reshuffled. Some info should be rewritten with more
consideration to the target groups, but al in all, I think a resuffle
can be done fairly quick.

Only the way how to update things, that might be more complicated, and
for that, I hope some of you can think of something. I think that we
should find a way to make translations not only possible through CVS,
but also through a webinterface. I think it would be easier to translate
news too. (For example, After my work, I could check the content
management system through the web, translate some news for an hour while
I wait until the traffic jams are gone...)

So, what do you think?


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