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Scott Kveton kveton at orst.edu
Wed Aug 7 19:10:42 UTC 2002


I am the administrator for ftp.oregonstate.edu which is home to several
popular mirrors (RedHat, Mandrake, OpenOffice, etc) and we would like to
add KDE to that list.

The server address: kde.oregonstate.edu
Your country (e.g., Italy): USA
Your name and email: Scott Kveton <ftpadmin at net.orst.edu>
Your available bandwidth: 50+Mbit/s
Your update frequency: ftp: daily
                       www: twice daily
Your update method (rsync, fmirror, etc): ftp: rsync
                                          www: cvs
Whether or not you want to be a primary mirror:
  By the end of this summer we will have increased our available
  bandwidth to 100Mbit/s for this machine alone.  At that time we'd
  love to become a primary mirror.

We currently have the following avaiable for the KDE mirror:

FTP mirror:
WWW mirror:
http://kde.oregonstate.edu (web site mirror)

These are all housed on the same machine that is a Dell 2550 with 2GB of
RAM and 500GB of RAID5 SCSI archive space.  For more information about
this archive see:


Thanx and keep up the great work on KDE!

Scott Kveton
Network Engineering
Oregon State University

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