[Craft] [Bug 405909] New: Unclear instructions at end of craft setup

Ross Boylan bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Mar 26 22:41:23 GMT 2019


            Bug ID: 405909
           Summary: Unclear instructions at end of craft setup
           Product: Craft
           Version: master
          Platform: MS Windows
                OS: MS Windows
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Core
          Assignee: vonreth at kde.org
          Reporter: Ross.Boylan at ucsf.edu
                CC: kde-windows at kde.org
  Target Milestone: ---

Instructions presented to the user about what to do at the end of the craft
installation are unclear and sometimes contradictory.

1. CraftBootrap.py's last message is "Please run the following command to get
started:".  It is unclear whether the indicated command needs to be run once to
complete the installation, or needs to be run at the start of every session
using craft.  Inspection of the code shows some things that are clearly
one-time moves, and others that might not be.

2. craftenv.psl, the script to be run has these comments in the header:
#    this file sets some environment variables that are needed
#    for finding programs and libraries etc.
#    by Hannah von Reth <vonreth at kde.org>
#    you should copy CraftSettings.ini.template to ..\etc\CraftSettings.ini
#    and adapt it to your needs (see that file for more info)
   a) There is no CraftSettings.ini.template file that I can see
   b) The script itself moves, not copies, kdesettings.ini to CraftSettings.ini
   c) The instructions to adapt it to your needs are invisible unless you look
at the file.
   d) "this file sets some environment variables" suggests the script should be
run in each powershell session

3. craftenv.psl clears the screen.  This was a surprise to me, leading me to
lose the record of the installation that preceded it.  Perhaps don't clear the
screen, or ask first.

4. CraftSettings.ini itself is well-commented.  I found the [QtSDK] section a
bit weird since it had an uncommented Path referring to a non-existent drive,
Version referring to an earlier version than I believe the installer
downloaded, and Compiler set to mingw even though I selected msvc.  I assume
none of this matters since Enabled = False in this section.

5. https://community.kde.org/Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Build_from_source/Windows
    a) The section on installing craft makes no mention of running the
environment setup or customizing the ini file.
    b) The section on using craft says to run the environment setup. I take
that as another indication it needs to be run every session.
    c) The note at the end of the installing craft section, "Note: For
Microsoft Visual Studio compiler, it's necessary to have VCTOOLSREDISTDIR....."
actually refers to steps that must be taken *before* step 3.  For us
non-powershell gurus, it would be helpful to indicate how to do this in
powershell.  I hope the answer is
  $Env:VCTOOLSREDISTDIR = "somepath"
    d) The section "Using the stock Qt SDK" likewise appears after the
installation instructions, but I guess needs to be done earlier if it is to be
done at all.  I found this whole section somewhat confusing, though my
take-away was "don't do this; it might cause trouble." It sounded as if Qt
would end up installed through other means.

Windows: 10

Setup was for VS2017.

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