win32libs/wcslib does not build (download location gone)

Jasem Mutlaq mutlaqja at
Sun Feb 5 08:57:08 UTC 2017

I uploaded the file to a new host and changed the to reflect that.


On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 2:00 AM, Michael Drüing <michael at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I just noticed that win32libs/wcslib doesn’t build. It tries to download
> but that URL is gone (DNS
> does not resolve).
> The alternative (official) URL specified in the file,
>, works, but
> doesn't have a CMakeLists.txt included
> So someone should either a) track down a copy of the wcslib515.tar.bz2
> file and upload it somewhere else, or b) track down the required
> CMakeLists.txt file (plus any other patches required for the build) and
> include them in the craft repo as patches for the official wcslib
> distribution
> Thoughts?
> Regards,
> -Michael

Best Regards,
Jasem Mutlaq
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