Emerge adventure with mingw - 11 issues 10 solutions

Michael Abrahams miabraha at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 10:49:11 UTC 2015

Hello Anton:

I saw your post in the Krita forums.  I already posted a short reply
to you there, I just recently noticed this list.


For anyone else who has not seen that thread: I have been working on a
large set of updates to Emerge, but sorting the ad-hoc alterations
from the true solutions is a large amount of work.  If anyone is
interested in inspecting the large patch I have posted and helping me
carve it up into smaller pieces I would be very grateful.

There are many issues with Emerge using both MSVC and MinGW.  Now that
Sourceforge is stabilized, it should be possible to solidify
everything again.  Right now I would recommend starting with MSVC
2013.  One of the issues with MinGW right now is that not only do you
have to port packages to Windows, but you may also have to port from
GCC4 to GCC5, since MSYS just switched.  For example the GPG error you
posted is caused by this bug, which was not yet ported to the CMake
version of the buildfile in Emerge.
(The solution is to add an extra -P in the CMakeLists.txt as described

I also recommend you avoid trying to build Frameworks components you
do not need for the time being.  KDEWebkit is not used in Krita, so
luckily you do not have to solve this bug to get what you need out of

Finally I would like to suggest you give Powershell another try.  Like
Zsh, it is a full-featured shell that just needs some tweaking to get
set up.  (Look into Posh-Git and PSReadLine.  You can also type "dir
alias:" to see a list of cmd- and posix-inspired shortcuts to the
shell commands.)

Michael Abrahams

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