[kde-windows] [Bug 348061] Build of frameworks/kdoctools fails

Asuka Langley AsukaLangleyfag at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 05:11:39 UTC 2015


--- Comment #6 from Asuka Langley <AsukaLangleyfag at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Michael from comment #4)
> I was able to work around this by adding a ':' to the list of escape chars
> in the kdoctools_encode_uri CMake function.  It is probably not the ideal
> solution, since ':' should only be unescaped after the drive letter (and
> only on Windows), but it let me successfully build and install kdoctools.
Tried  to use it with kdoctools.py and got:
r:\emerge\portage\frameworks\tier2\kdoctools\dirtyhack.patch:10: trailing
    execute_process(COMMAND perl -MURI::Escape -e "print
uri_escape_utf8(\"${escaped_uri}\", \"^A-Za-z0-9\\-\\._~:\\/\");"
fatal: corrupt patch at line 13

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