Problems with KItemModels 5.2 and Windows

David Faure faure at
Mon Oct 6 21:12:22 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 01 October 2014 22:13:18 Luiz Romário Santana Rios wrote:
> Hello.
> I managed to compile and install KItemModels in Windows, but, when I
> try to compile an application which requires KItemModels, CMake
> complains about a missing KF5Config.cmake, which is nowhere to be
> found at my install dir -- even though I had installed ECM already.
> I already managed to compile and use KItemModels (4.100) properly on
> Windows, but I had to install a somewhat outdated kf5umbrella (4.98)
> to do so, which shouldn't be needed anymore AFAIK -- I actually
> couldn't find a more recent version than that.
> What am I missing?

Forget about kf5umbrella, it's dead.
Instead use FindKF5.cmake from ECM, by writing 

find_package(KF5 REQUIRED COMPONENTS ItemModels)

note: do NOT use CONFIG or NO_MODULE in that line.

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