Emerge options

Chris DeveloperChris at rebel.com.au
Fri Feb 28 23:00:27 UTC 2014


Is there an option to prevent emerge rebuilding a package every time.

As an example...
I ran emerge --full-package kmymoney but it failed because kdewin-packer 
wasnt installed. Once I installed it I ran 'emerge --noclean --full-package 
kmymoney. it didnt clean the directory as the option suggests but it still 
runs through the full build process even though there was an existing full 

While I probably could have worked out how to use the packager. I haven't 
before and thought that would be quicker. when building other packages I 
have come across problems which needed resolving and everytime the build 
starts from scratch. This is very wasteful as another example, qtlibs took 3 
builds each taking many hours and each failing around 70% of the way through.

Is there a better way?


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