Review Request 115715: Remove X11 dependency from kprintutils

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Mon Feb 17 07:19:06 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Frameworks, kdewin and John Layt.

Repository: kprintutils


Remove X11 dependency from kprintutils

The availability of XLib was used to test whether Cups is available.
Cups has nothing to do with X11, thus the check is wrong.

The code does not use any platform specific code and has a runtime
check whether cups is available. Given the comment it should also
work correct on platforms which do not have Cups (e.g. Windows).


  CMakeLists.txt 28342d0c9149d09ab0b9e41c5ed6d41b695130ed 
  src/CMakeLists.txt 927b02480db47bb74ea4240e582dbb0f6f6aeac2 
  src/config-kprintutils.h.cmake 89858d17de239cfc7eed1f40a8b828803de3299c 
  src/kcupsoptionswidget_p.cpp c88e848a41b72590b13d8b38783cd1c7b1d106d1 
  src/kdeprintdialog.cpp a53e19846d0f45073f1d6827e7b2eaa2bde859a3 




Martin Gräßlin

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