Subject: Re: Missing link into DLL - msg#00025

Ismael Bejarano ismaelbej at
Sun Feb 2 09:42:49 UTC 2014

2014-02-02 Mike Scott <rangdaa at>:
> I uninstalled Kmymoney.  I ran the windows installed again but whether I
> select End User or Package Manager both the Compiler Mode Options are greyed
> out.

You can not change that option without reinstalling.

A fast way to uninstall KDE is the following
1) Execute "Shutdown KDE" (kwinshutdown.exe), to stop KDE related process
2) Rename your KDE folder to KDE-back (if some process is running you
will not be able to rename)
3) Launch KDE installer.

Note: Step 2) will left all menu entries pointing to a folder that
doesn't exist anymore, but you can delete them by hand. If you
reinstall at the same folder they will be correct again.

> The default directory for KDE is C>programmeData>KDE.  If I change the
> default directory to C>Programme files the installer does allow a choice of
> Compiler Mode options but will not load the programme.
> If I create a KDE folder in C>ProgrammeFiles the installer will download all
> the files but soon says that it is unable to create a directory.
> Am I doing something wrong?

If you are on Windows Vista, or 7 (8?), the "Program Files" folder is
protected, and any program requires explicit permission from the user
to write, which is very annoying.

Since KDE doesn't require to be installed in ProgramFiles, you can
install it in any place writable by your user. I usually install it at
c:\Users\foobar\KDE, where "foobar" is my username.


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