[kde-windows] [Bug 338319] kde-4.13 build fails on win32-mscv2013 due to old qt - which compiler for x64 build?

Cristian Oneț onet.cristian at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 09:44:16 UTC 2014

2014-08-22 12:02 GMT+03:00 Cristian Oneț <onet.cristian at gmail.com>:
> Anyway I should move "Compiling KDE4 on Windows" up my tasks list
> since at the beginning of October we intend to release KMyMoney again
> and by then I would expect to be able to package it on Windows without
> problems so maybe I'll take a look at it this weekend and fix any
> issues I find. I used kde-4.10 for the last installer I've made (I
> still have the build) but I intend to update to kde-4.12.

I've done this over the weekend [1] and I would like to share my impressions.

First of all I should have stuck to using MSVC 2010 for this build
(because it was known to work) but I thought newer is better, right?
So I picked MSVC2013. I ended up needing to do a lot of small patches
mostly removing stuff that was added because previous versions of MSVC
were lacking some functions which were added in 2013. I took me two
days to build KMyMoney and now I need to collect my patches to be able
to publish them (will be doing this in the following days as I'll have

Then after I had everything running properly I needed to create the
package. I used the NullSoftPackager from emerge that I created last
time. Got some gray hair while trying to blacklist files to reduce the
size of the installer and still keeping everything working but in the
end, after another day, here it is [2].

Multiply the above experience 3 times (the number of supported
compilers) and n times (the number of applications released) and one
could begin to understand the difficulty of creating a KDE Windows

That's why in frameworks I would like if we would focus on the
availability of the frameworks (added the upcoming PIM frameworks) and
from then on release each application on it's own.


[1] http://www.kmymoney.org/news.php#itemKMyMoneyLiveWindowsinstalleravailable
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/kmymoney2/files/KMyMoney-Windows/live/kmymoney-x86-setup-4.6.90-cdd451fe35.exe/download

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