Concerns about deprecating KFileDialog

Andrius da Costa Ribas andriusmao at
Sat Aug 24 03:12:09 UTC 2013


(crosspost between kde-frameworks-devel and kde-windows)

I've posted a question in a recent review request that deprecates
KFileDialog in favor of QFileDialog for KF5, however this question got
probably unnoticed (as no one responded and later the review got submitted).

My concern about deprecating KFileDialog is that on Windows there is in
systemsettings the option to choose between using either native or KDE
dialog. I heavily use kioslaves to open/save files in different remote
locations (SFTP) and I hevily use the places panel to bookmark those
locations, that's something that can't be done with native Windows dialog.
As far as I can see there is no such option when using QFileDialog, so
Windows users will lose the power of the kioslaves :(

Was this considered when it was decided to deprecate KFileDialog?

Andrius da Costa Ribas.
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