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Tue Feb 7 14:48:00 UTC 2012


At Dienstag 07 Februar 2012 14:16:25 Torsten Krah wrote:
> Is there some task where i can monitor the progress about kleopatra and
> smime support in kdewin? Still does not work in 4.8.x.

Yes SMIME support currently is still an issue in the KDE-Windows 4.8.0 release 
we've already talked about this, we should come around to this before the 
next release as it is likely a small build issue.

For the Kolab Client packaging of Kontact I use a different build of the gnupg 
libraries (crosscompiled on Linux and not built natively on Windows) but that 
also contained a bug that required a workaround in the last experimental 

But long story short I've fixed it since and now in the current 4.8.x 
snapshots OpenPGP and SMIME works out of the box.
So please use:

I was planning to make a new "experimental" release in the next weeks but i 
have some bugs I want to address first because and I don't want to recommend 
an update (and download of 170mb) for each bugfix.


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