[issue tracking] What is most important for KDE Product X? == Kontact on Windows

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Fri Jul 1 12:31:45 CEST 2011

Users think from applications, because that is what they deal with.

So if their Kontact on Windows 7 does not work to their liking,
for them the product "Kontact" is broken, not KDElibs, KDE Platform 4
or anything else.

We as developers investigate the infection in the state of the application 
that the user is seeing and try to file a report to the component that is 
closest to the defective code that causes the problem. We use bugs.kde.org
for this or other upstream tracker.

What is missing is a connection between all entries in bugs.kde.org
that affect a certain product, for example Kontact Desktop on Windows.
They should map to user identifiable issues
and it should be possible to work jointly on the priorities of those issues.

This is important because
* We want to draw in more users to try our products and they often ask:
  "What are the biggest known issues with Kontact on Windows?"
* More people should become helpers themself or 
  finance others to progress the product. They could request estimations
  for the top issues and test for them specifically.
* Developers need the input of users to distribute the efforts
  of our community best. If we knew better what the blockers are for users 
  to use Kontact on Windows.

So how do we solve this with bugs.kde.org?
Just a keyword for each product seems the best approach I have heard.
Meta-issues cannot be prioritiest as far as I can tell, so they seem less 

Best Regards,
ps.: I've send this request to pim and windows first, because "Kontact 
Desktop" for Windows is a top product based on KDE Platform 4 that has this 
issue right now and we need a solution. I believe the problem is there for 
many other corners of the KDE Initiative as well. So where should I go for 
advise or for raising the point?

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