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Sun Dec 25 19:06:10 UTC 2011

I believe that person's comments were off-topic and related to how he
was about to go play some Terraria.

Terraria is programmed in C#, and neither the server nor the client are

On 12/25/2011 2:57 AM, Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> Am 25.12.2011 00:46, schrieb Nathan Todd:
>> Thanks, I'll switch to the mingw builds for a few days and then switch
>> to MSVC after that.
> The release has been fixed again. You can switch back to msvc now.
> Also, whoever said this on IRC: "So sad it's C# and there's no
> Linux/mono-compatible version :'("
> KDE on Windows has nothing to do with C# (that is a programming
> language) and KDE uses mostly C++ for this - thus KDE on Windows is
> totally independent of the .NET runtime and only uses native functions.
> The Linux compatible version of KDE on Windows is called KDE and is
> distributed by most distributions on Linux ;-).
> Have some nice holidays,
> Patrick
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