turning on digiKam + kipi-plugins in windows packages compilation...

Andrius da Costa Ribas andriusmao at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 02:40:10 CEST 2010

IMHO we should have a "packaging" section on techbase so more people
can collaborate with it.

2010/10/26, Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de>:
>   Am 26.10.2010 15:34, schrieb Cristian Oneţ:
>> On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Gilles Caulier
>> <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> With digiKam/kipi-plugins 1.5.0, i review indeep all source code and
>>> fixed some issues with MinGW and MSVC. All source code compile fine
>>> now.
>>> Why not to include digiKam and kipi-plugins in KDE4 windows collection
>>> ? The last version available is 1.1.0 ! A lots of users send me email
>>> to ask why digiKam 1.5.0 is not yet available.
>>> We need to give a right response there. Some users speak about KDE-Win
>>> as a dead project, not maintained really... I don't like to read these
>>> words...
>>> Sorry to insist on this subject, but i think it's important. Windows
>>> is more than 90% of computers on this planet. We cannot ignore that...
>> Hi,
>> It's true that KDE on Windows didn't had a stable release since
>> February 2010. KMyMoney would also benefit from such a release since
>> at the time of the last release it wasn't yet stable on KDE4 but now
>> we have a stable release several months old but KDE on Windows wasn't
> Making a release requires people having the resource and time to make
> this release.
> Initial kde releases has been released by me. After that Christian takes
> over release management. After Christian Patrick took over release
> creating. Now Patrick has finished his studies and works on a full time
> job, probably with not enough free time to make a release anymore.
> Who is willing to make a new unstable/stable release and like to take
> the chance to be a part of one of most exciting project in the open
> source world ?
> BTW: Nightly builds needs also a maintainer - by default it is an
> automated process, but the last release is from September 30, 2010, so
> there must be something broken.
> Regards
>   Ralf
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