emerge warning: already installed kde-4.5/kdepim-20080202

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Fri Nov 26 11:52:35 CET 2010

Am 26.11.2010 11:17, schrieb Gert Kello:
> Hi.
> Emerge says:
> emerge warning: already installed kde-4.5/kdepim-20080202
> I do not have kdepim installed. kdepimlibs are.
> Three last lines of installed file:
> win32libs-sources/cyrus-sasl-src-2.1.22
> kde-4.5/kdepimlibs-20080202
> kdesupport/grantlee-20091123
> No other "pim" in the file

Yeah, that is a nice feature of emerge's broken way to check its
This code already has a replacement, but that is not used yet.
If you want to try it out:
then try out
emerge -p kdepim
It will try to migrate all of your currently installed packages (but it
may fail on some). At the bottom you will see the packages it would
require to rebuild.
I will probably enable this for all new builds soon, so please try and test.
If you find that to many packages are to be rebuild, you can disable it
again by unsetting the environment variable: set EMERGE_ENABLE_SQLITEDB=
If you want to keep this setting, simply write it into the
kdesettings.bat file.


> Gert
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