Emerge errors

Gert Kello gert.kello at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 11:57:29 CET 2010

> Hm, I am not sure how important that is for you: we want to change our
> main mingw compiler away from the mingw4 to the mingw-wXX compilers.
> Which means that mingw-w32 is equivalent to mingw4, but needs less
> patches in our source code. Since you cannot mix mingw-w32 and mingw4
> though, you might want to change while beginning to set up your build.

Thanks for the information... I'll try this out..

Should I replace the
set KDECOMPILER=mingw4
with something else or keep it as is?

I tried
set KDECOMPILER=mingw-w32

but it tells
E:\Kde4>emerge mingw-w32
emerge.bat executed
emerge debug: buildAction: all
emerge debug: packageName: mingw-w32
emerge debug: buildType: RelWithDebInfo
emerge debug: buildTests: None
emerge error: KDECOMPILER: 'mingw-w32' not understood
emerge fatal error: running python
e:\kde4\emerge\portage\gnuwin32\wget\wget-1.11.4.py fetch
emerge error: fatal error: package gnuwin32/wget-1.11.4 all failed

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