jom is a general make replacement now

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at
Sun Nov 7 23:00:25 CET 2010

Am 05.11.2010 18:54, schrieb Christian Ehrlicher:
> Patrick Spendrin schrieb:
>> Am 05.11.2010 17:33, schrieb Christian Ehrlicher:
>>> Am 05.11.2010 16:16, schrieb Patrick Spendrin:
>>>> Am 05.11.2010 16:04, schrieb Andre Heinecke:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Am Freitag, 5. November 2010 00:45:06 schrieb Patrick Spendrin:
>>>>>> Please test this version (available by running emerge --target=101 jom)
>>>>>> and tell me if it works under your compilers (msvc2010, msvc2008,
>>>>>> mingw4, mingw-w64, mingw-w32 and the CE stack)
>>>>>> If no problems occur, we will make jom the default make for all
>>>>>> compilers soon.
>>>>> With msvc2008 (but i dont think it's an msvc specific problem) DESTDIR is
>>>>> still ignored or not resolved correctly which is the same behavior as it was
>>>>> with version 1.0.0
>>>>> For me with a substituted kderoot as r:\ and a destdir as a subdirectory of r:
>>>>> \
>>>>> e.g.:
>>>>> emerge debug: "jom -j1" DESTDIR=r:
>>>>> \build\kdesupport\automoc-\image-msvc2008-RelWithDebInfo-svnHEAD
>>>>> install
>>>>> Files are directly installed into r:\ e.g. kderoot, which may hide the problem
>>>>> for you.
>>>>> Please check the image dir of a package installed with jom and you will see
>>>>> that it is empty.
>>>> Yes, just checked.
>>>> Can you please try if this is fixed in the mingw target of jom-pkg?
>>> It does not work with jom/gitHEAD and I've no idea how this should have
>>> worked earlier :(
>> Ah, iirc jom was reorganized. I am not sure whether I already updated
>> the patches yet, for the time being we need to stay with the adapted
>> mingw32-make :-(.
>> If we can make it work again over the weekend, I could try to get the
>> patches upstreams on monday.
>> my jom-mingw clone on gitorious is really outdated, so I'd recommend
>> that we start with a fresh one.
>> @Christian: I know you definitely know more than me about building Qt,
>> could you try and update the qt-static package?
>> As we do have multiple Qt tools a static Qt would be needed to provide
>> us with static binaries for these tools (at the moment: automoc,
>> kdewin-packager, kdewin-installer and jom).
> I'll provide updated binaries during the weekend.

Ok, binaries from Christian have been uploaded & a new emerge target has
been added:
Please retry emerge -i --target=101-patched jom

> Christian


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