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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 08:09:28 CET 2010

2010/11/7 Francis Corvin <francis_ at gmx.net>:
> At 2010-11-06 17:00, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
>>Right now one central problem with having a time gap between the compilers is
>>that it will cause serious confusion. Suppose MSVC is at 4.5.3,
>>while MinGW is
>>still at 4.4.4. Right now, users will
>>1. select a mirror
>>2. select a compiler (let's suppose user choses MinGW, here)
>>3. select a release (obviously user selects the latest one, i.e. 4.5.3)
>>4. select packages (but our example user will not see *any* packages, since
>>there are no MinGW 4.5.3 packages)
>>What I am suggesting is that users will
>>3. select a release _type_ (stable / unstable / nightly)
>>4. MinGW users will be able to select 4.4.4 packages, MSVC users will see
>>4.5.3 packages.
> To me the whole idea that users should have to select a compiler is
> completely ludicrous. How many decent windows installers ask you that
> sort of question? None. Who cares? No-one, users just want the bloody
> app. Which user can say what compiler was used for this or that
> application outside the KDE world? Developer might care, but let's
> not kid ourselves that it is for any other reason than their own preferences.
> The underlying issue is whether KDE for Windows wants to include Joe
> Bloggs as a user, or keep itself narrowly focused on the developer
> community to the exclusion of anyone else. Perhaps it is worth
> repeating again who Windows KDE is aimed at.
> That is the first issue. The second issue is that having many
> compilers available is a waste of resources. I cannot compile
> Digikam, under any compiler. What use is it to me to have myriad
> versions of MinGW, MSVC, TDM-GCC and whatnot if none of them work?
> I'd rather have one, but one that works. If everyone was forced to
> use the same, all the issues would very quickly be ironed out and we
> could spend time focusing on improving applications rather than
> fiddling with an over-engineered release system.

This is true, but not completly. I use more than one KDE4 install on
my computer, one dedicated to TDM-GCC, another one to MSVC. compilers
are installed outside of KDE4 install path, typically on C:/PROGRAM

KDE4 installs are done in D:/. To compile digiKam with a specific
compiler, i just start a console with an ubut script which setup path
properly, and that all. all work fine...

Gilles Caulier

> 2c from a newbie, so probably not even worth the paper it's written on.
> Francis
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