Rant: So you want help?

Casper van Donderen casper.vandonderen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 11:58:35 CET 2010

On Sat, 06 Nov 2010 10:50:36 +0100, Thomas Friedrichsmeier  
<thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de> wrote:

> On Saturday 06 November 2010, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>> I'm not sure thats a wise choice. For me as someone who was willing to
>> bring KDevelop to windows and work on that, mingw was always too slow to
>> be usable. It was a magnitude slower than msvc2008 (even the first 4.x
>> releases). So for end-users the compiler doesn't matter, but for people
>> who'd like to use pre-built packages of the development platform (which
>> I think many app-devs would want to use as a start to port their app)
>> the compiler may play quite a bigger role. Having to spend a complete
>> day just for getting my app built with mingw is not going to attract me
>> to help with the kde/windows effort.
> I won't insist on a particular default. What I care about is that  
> compilers
> can be released independently. And the compiler I'm willing to help with  
> for a
> release is MinGW4 32bit.
> Still, I think app-devs can be expected to make an informed choice to  
> pick
> something other than the default option. So IMO, as long as anybody does
> create a MSVC-based releases in this scenario, it will not make any  
> practical
> difference.
> And in fact, I think app-devs who care about having a particular  
> compiler are
> prime candidates for volunteering to help with a release for that  
> compiler.
> Regards
> Thomas

This whole compiler thing is getting old again, I'm amazed that people did  
not drop the 'GCC is open, so we should only support that one BS argument'.

Everybody should take his compiler of choice and maybe make the default  
the platform default:
Linux: GCC (maybe in the future LLVM)
Mac: GCC
Windows: MSVC

You don't get a compiler with your platform for nothing.


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