Rant: So you want help?

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Fri Nov 5 21:53:42 CET 2010

Am 05.11.2010 20:47, schrieb Alf Gaida:
> Am Freitag 05 November 2010, 20:13:49 schrieb Christian Ehrlicher:
>> Am 05.11.2010 20:04, schrieb Ralf Habacker:
>>>   Am 5.11.2010 16:27, schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
>>>>> The compiler discussion is old already, and it won't be solved any time
>>>>> soon. So let's try to focus on the other problems first.
>>>> Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party. But BTW, if I'm not mistaken this
>>>> is another example of a discussion that should have been had on the
>>>> list, instead of behind the scenes.
>>> strong words  -
>>> http://dot.kde.org/2007/09/18/windows-developers-meet-berlin was the
>>> place where this has been discussed - i did not see you there.
>> That's true but in theory he's correct.
>> What me and others hinders to participate on kde and especially
>> kde/windows is the lack of discussion on mailing lists. All is done in
>> irc which isn't bad and makes things for the particapting people fast
>> but creates a big problem for people who don't have the time for irc
>> because of their real life. A perfect example was when kdab decided they
>> have to do something on kde/windows - suddenly there was a move but
>> others (especially me) were left behind. The end result is well known.
>> Imo this isn't a kde specific problem at all and I've no idea how to
>> bring the different positions in sync...
>> Christian
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> It's not a solution, but instead of irc and mailing-lists informations can be 
> shared with simple things like websites and for actual infomations in blogs as 
> well. Maybe it sound a little bit old fashioned, but it works. The newest 
> informations for newbies like me are on the website - Latest News:

It doesn't work. Why do you think the informations are outdated? Do you
know that some of us do have a blog? I am not sure that our problem is
the media.
Our problem is that a lot of people do have interests that are very
specific to them, thats why there is nearly no common ground. Think of
three people doing KDE on WinCE, three others trying to port their own
applications (and only that application), others again only want to have
some working KDE apps for themselves.

Another thing that we already talked about at the sprint is: is
kde-windows at kde.org a user mailing list?
a developer mailing list? Who reads it? What do we want to discuss here?
If there is a review request or a bug report, who is supposed to answer it?
I am already very glad that I gathered most people that are working on
KDE on Win* in the IRC channel. This way there is at least one way to

About our users:
Somebody in KDE once said: 'We don't need users!' - there is some truth
in it, since only a smallest amount of my time I spent on KDE is payed
for, I normally work for myself here. So I don't want to please users
simply because they are users (they are no customers after all). This
might sound harsh, but it explains it a bit better why my first goal is
not providing binaries for the users.
This doesn't mean I will not work on binaries, but this is no
automatism, and if I like to try out KDE on different compilers, nobody
should say anything about that.

> 14th February 2010	 KDE SC 4.4.0 for Windows available
> 8th December 2009	 KDE 4.3.4 for Windows available
> 11th August 2009	 KDE 4.3.0 for Windows available

That doesn't mean dead. (But sounds a bit like that.) Also I normally
forgot about that page.

> And then have a look at techbase.kde.org/projects/KDE_on_Windows revision 
> History.  For an Outsider this Project looks pretty dead  - you have to join 
> the mailing list to see that the project is still alive. 

That is the overview page, it will not change a lot.

> But would you join the list of a dead project? Most potential helpers don't.
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