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Andrius da Costa Ribas andriusmao at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 09:29:07 CET 2010

I've (almost) finished my monograph and will have the time again...
So... How about making a quick meeting on Irc next week to discuss
packaging and other issues? What time could be better for this?

2010/11/4, Patrick Spendrin <ps_ml at gmx.de>:
> Am 04.11.2010 14:50, schrieb Alf Gaida:
>> Am Donnerstag 04 November 2010, 14:39:16 schrieb Christian Ehrlicher:
>>> I'm not answering your questions - just one note from my side:
>>> There is nobody who is actively working on KDE/windows because nobody has
>>> time for it / was frustrated about the direction and gave up...
>>> I'm just using the emerge buildsystem for my own projects and sometimes
>>> commit something because kdegames does not compile.
>>> Christian
>> Just a (maybe) stupid question? Where is the problem - the sources exist
>> and
>> compile under linux. So i dont understand why compiling the same source
>> under
>> windows is that great problem. I dont understand the fact that there is no
>> official list of todos and common problems. If there are concrete lists of
>> problems to solve, eventually somebody like me can help. But i have no
>> time to
>> search Informations piece by piece for hours or days. IMHO the problem is
>> generally the lack of information about the project.
> Well, even though I didn't want to comment on that yet, I will sketch it
> here:
> KDE on Windows building/packaging works this way:
> - You have the sources that are developed under Linux mostly. Before a
> release, they require a new 3rdparty dependency - so you have to get
> around adding a new 3rdparty library, make it build, fix it or update it.
> - Then there will be a release. It is checked that this compiles under
> Linux, but not under Windows. This means, that depending on the time you
> invested before the release, the tarballs will build out of the box, or
> not. You must fix them then, add the patches to emerge packages and make
> binary packages from them (These would currently be 20-30 packages, some
> are smaller like automoc, some are bigger like kdelibs). Then you must
> upload them, currently also fixing the dependency list that is needed
> for the installer, which will hopefully be generated in the future from
> emerge directly.
> Multiply the time for such a release (normally ~half a weekend) by the
> number of compilers.
> Restart this with the next release 4 weeks later.
> This was more or less the way Christian and I made releases, this is
> very ineffective and *must* be automated quite a lot. Also it is hard to
> split this into tasks for many people (*ideas are really really welcome
> for this).
> One thing is, if we could distribute the job to fix issues with a
> specific package, e.g. if Gilles fixes digikam & kipi, this already
> takes apart some of our work load, we might need to coordinate that
> better with the releases. Some more splittings would be welcome though.
> regards,
> Patrick
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