Problem compiling Digikam with mingw

Francis Corvin francis_ at
Mon Nov 1 03:21:25 CET 2010

At 2010-10-30 21:06, Ralf Habacker wrote:

>if tdm gcc is different from other mingw distributions the additional
>compiler has to be defined in  the top level CMakeLists.txt from the
>kdewin package
># there are three mingw compilers
># compiler cmake variables
># mingw4 MINGW32
># mingw-w32 MINGW32 MINGW_W32
># mingw-w64 MINGW64 MINGW_W64
># the last one could be detected automatically
># the second one is selected with the following option
># the first one is selected by cmake as default
>OPTION(MINGW_W32 "build for mingw-w32 " OFF)
>Depending on this additional compiler the headers in
> has to be
>If you send me a related patch I can add this to the kdewin source in svn.
>   Ralf

Thanks. I am making some progress. The problem results from the 
combination of two issues. Resolving one of them would be enough.

1. lcms.h hard-codes the environment (line 46). This is part of the 
Windows MinGW package:
         #define NON_WINDOWS  1
This later causes the conflicting include (which is in an ifdef 
NON_WINDOWS section).

A potential fix is to #undef NON_WNDOWS in lcms.h. Why would it be 
hard-coded? Even then, compilation falls over quite dramatically if 
it is not there. Is there a way to define LCMSEXPORT and LCMSAPI in a 
way that is compatible with TDM_GCC?

2. The compiler looks for unistd.h in the KDE installation include 
path* rather than in the TDM-GCC include paths**.
* The directory where I install KDE: E:\kde4-tdmgcc\include
** The directories where I installed TDM-GCC and the source code: 
E:\dev-tdmgcc\include and E:\dev-tdmgcc\lib\gcc\mingw32\4.5.1\include

Another potential fix is to change the include path hierarchy, but I 
don't know the makefile generation process well enough to identify 
where to make the changes. Any clues?


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