QT_INSTALL_DIR, KDELibsDependencies.cmake and flexible install location of Qt

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sun Jan 3 18:20:19 CET 2010

On Saturday 02 January 2010, Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> Ok, I tested the second patch and everything is set correctly; so I
> checked what went wrong, and it seems that according to the cmake docs
> the IMPORTED_LOCATION property of the imported target is requires the
> location of the dll on dll platforms. Since the find_library call
> returns the import library instead though, changing the call
> add_library(Qt4__${basename} SHARED IMPORTED) to
> add_library(Qt4__${basename} UNKNOWN IMPORTED) or STATIC works far
> better (I guess it assumes that the .lib file is the static version
> then) but as far as I understand, this is slightly wrong as the import
> version is *not* the static version of the library. I am not sure if
> this can make any difference for cmake, since it shouldn't care for that.

Can you please try the new patch ?
Now under Windows the IMPORTED_IMPLIB property is set instead 
IMPORTED_LOCATION. Does that help ?

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