a common release effort

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Thu Dec 9 18:37:15 CET 2010

Hi everybody,

As you all might know, we haven't had a release for a long time.
To change this, I want to get out the KDE 4.5.4 release in the coming
days (before christmas at least).

I have prepared the buildserver to restart a new try to build the kde
4.5.4 release every 6 hours (6am, 12am, 6pm, 12pm German Time).

Currently I have added the following compilers:
mingw4, mingw-w32, msvc2008 and msvc2010.

There will probably be quite a lot of errors while building KDE on those
different compilers, so I thought we could split the task to fix these
builds on this list here?

How I think it could work:
- Those interested in it, would set up a build environment with their
preferred compiler dedicated to the release (I can give the settings of
the build server as hints as well).

- The Server would run and fail on a certain package, you can see that
on the release dashboard

- Somebody would step up and fix this error locally:
* You can create a patch with
> emerge --createpatch --target=4.5.4 kde-4.5/kdetoys
* The patch can be found under
* You would add this patch to the emerge package under
emerge\portage\kde-4.5\kdetoys and also change the .py file by adding a
line like:
self.patchToApply['4.5.4'] = [('kdetoys-4.5.4-20101209.diff', 1)]
into the subinfo section.

- After the patch has been applied, the buildserver would svn up his
emerge directories, retry the build with the now fixed package, succeed
and package & upload this package.

- You would look for the next package to get fixed ;-).

The advantage of this way is that we can distribute the work onto
multiple shoulders.

If you have any comments about that, just send them.


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