Amarok Build

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at
Sun Apr 18 14:13:22 CEST 2010

Lucas Schatz wrote:
> I've checked... the file 
> c:\kderoot\download\svn-src\qt\src\3rdparty\webkit\WebKit\qt\WebKit_pch.h 
> is there...
> but the second line: gcc: 
> c:\kderoot\download\vn-src\qt\src\3rdparty\webkit\WebKit\qt\WebKit_pch.h... 
> "\nv-src\", isn't it wrong path?

Yes it's wrong, I had assumed it was either a typo or cut/paste error 
when creating the email, but you're saying it's in the log?

> what could I do?
> Delete every thing and start again?
> Thanks

That's what I'd do.

I tried to build amarok on my machine. I didn't get the error you're 
seeing. I got a lot of undefined references after a lot of warnings 
about missing DLL import attributes.


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