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Tue Apr 6 02:41:47 CEST 2010

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Am 05.04.2010 23:58, schrieb Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas:
> Hi,
> This message is just to tell you that I've started the development of a  
> Windows native backend for KMid. There are already working backends for Linux 
> and Mac OSX at the repository (extragear/multimedia/kmid).
> I've installed a mingw4 build environment in the winxp partition of my laptop, 
> after solving a few minor problems, and now I can successfully compile kmid's 
> SVN sources (there is a dummy test backend, just to get the UI working). The 
> question is: do I need to try also the MS VisualC compiler? I would prefer to 
> avoid it. Maybe is it possible to add KMid to the kdewin automated builds to 
> get the compiler errors from MSVC?

Ok, I just looked into kmid building on msvc now and it seems that it
builds fine on windows. I added an emerge script already which can be
build with 'emerge kmid' (dependencies should be found for now). After
having built it, you must run kbuildsycoca4.
I just saw a warning about no write access to a dir somewhere in the
home directory which is very likely wrong. Afair, we just disabled such
checks on Windows.

I also added kmid to the build server now, so probably in about 24h the
first results will be there.
> Regards,
> Pedro

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