Using msvc solution files

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at
Tue Nov 10 18:59:51 CET 2009

I've found the option 'useIDE' in which configures cmake
to generate Visual Studio solution files. What's the official way
to set useIDE to true without touching
It seems this is not fully suppoted, or I'm wrong?

I prefer this generators because then it is possible to build at
least projects in parallel using msvc. (vcbuild with the option /M)
It is also possible to use the IDE when something went from while compiling.

And not to forget: debugging becames simpler with the IDE ;)
What is the current workflow to get VC projects files?

Attached my hardcoded solution handling. On problem is that the name of
the solution, defined by cmake (for instance 'project(Automoc4)') must
match the internal emerge name self.subinfo.options.make.slnBaseName
or self.package, maybe someone could help me there.

Currently it breaks because there is no automoc.sln but automoc4.sln or
no qimageblitz.sln but only blitz.sln.

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