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> hi @all,
> first: sorry for my really bad english.
> tried to compile kphotoalbum on a kde4 windows installation.
> it doesn't work because of x11 missing...
> I thought now with kde4 all kde4 ported apps also running on windows...
> I'm wrong with this?
> can someone tellme how hard will be a port to windows?
> it's something someone with the right skills can do in some hours/days???
> I would pay someone to do this, because kphotoalbum is really the best tool
> I ever saw for managing photos....
> me @work and my friends/parents are using windows...
> the cygwin installation is not an option for me....
> any hints?
> many thanks and best regards
> costal - from switzerland
Has KPhotoalbum been ported to KDE4 at least? Or is it KDE4 incarnation of 
some KDE3 apps?
I'm not sure, but in worst cases x11 things might be just #ifdef'd for WIN32, 
so that it will compile at least. But doing that surely will disable some 
functionality. Thus, next step would be implement that functionality either 
independant of any particular platform (through Qt/KDElibs) or make a Windows 
only implementation of them (they'll be compiled for windows, while ignored 
for Linux and vice versa).

No Cygwin installation is required, then.

Best regards,
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