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Wed Jan 14 16:21:18 CET 2009

Ok. Stupid me. I didn't see that one.

BTW - plasma runs a lot better for me now than it did with 4.1.3. Still a few things before it will be fully usuable - I do get crashes every now and then - but I can at least run it now.

Thanks for the great work!


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BRM schrieb:
> I went to install the KDE 4.2 beta using the 0.9.4 installer. I had previously installed 4.1.3, but had also run the installer to remove 4.1.3. So the installer should have prompted me for which version I wanted to install; however, it didn't - namely because it had not removed anything in the 4.1.3 install, it was all still there. After I manually deleted the entire 4.1.3 install directory, it then prompted me for which version to install.
> However, I was under the impression that the installer would install different versions so long as they were to different directories - e.g. C:\program files\KDE\4.1.3 and C:\program files\KDE\4.2.0. However, the installer would not give me any option to do so. Am I mistaken in this impression? Or is there a bug in the installer?
> I am running this under WinXP SP3 with all the latest patches.
unselect the skip basic settings checkbox on the first page - then you 
can change the install dir


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