x64 builds and Windows 7

T. J. Brumfield enderandrew at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 19:56:24 CEST 2009

First let me say thank you to the maintainers who make these packages.
It is really nice being able to use KDE apps even when I'm on Windows.

I've noticed that retailers are carrying new computers coming
preinstalled with Vista x64. Microsoft is pushing 7 x64. I run x86_64
binaries of KDE on Linux. I wonder if it would be possible to get x64
Windows builds of KDE?

I'm also curious if the KDE Windows packages will eventually take
advantage of the new Windows 7 API for utilizing the Superbar and/or
jump lists? Maybe this would have been a good Google SoC project.


-- T. J. Brumfield
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