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On Donnerstag, 13. November 2008, Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> Lucas Hendricks schrieb:
> > Is kontact/win going to be included in the kde-windows-installer when it
> > is released or is that a separate project with separate install setup?
> It is a partly separate project: There will be a separate installer only
> for the Enterprise version of Kontact which is done by KDAB.

Yes, it is KDAB, g10code and Intevation creating a Kontact Enterprise4
for Windows. While KDAB does most of the hacking, the installer
is mainly done by Intevation. :)

We internally have one, based on nsis (similiar to the one for Gpg4win2, see
www.gpg4win.org downloads). 

But currently is it bloated with all debugging enabled.
Nevertheless we look forward to make it available within this year.

> It is very 
> likely though that there will be a version of Kontact available in
> future through the kdewin-installer as well though. But this depends
> basically on our time and if everything works out ok.

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