Okular does not seem to release memory?

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Mon Nov 10 12:19:33 CET 2008

Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
>> Von: "Zhang chnxp"
>> Hi,
>> I've just updated to 4.1.2 (msvc build). And after opening and
>> scrolling down through a PDF file, okular's memory usage will grow
>> almost linearly, and never seem to release.
>> Is it a known bug?
> No.
> And it also doesn't look like a kde-windows bug to me either.
Please put this bug into the bugtracker http://bugs.kde.org . As we 
package all libraries that are used for pdf viewing, this might be our 
bug too so please file this bug for now.
> Christian

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