Dolphin location bar weirness

Eduard Sukharev kraplax at
Sun May 25 00:23:04 CEST 2008

When using Dolphin it's not really convenient to switch between disks, 
since it, as i suppose, doesn't know what 'My computer' location is. So, 
to switch drive letter you tries:

a) you see that in location bar there's a 'Drive C:' and you just wish 
to switch to another drive. You click on the drop-down list and see all 
the drives available. Perfect.

b) Trying to repeat that with common 'C:' in location bar woun't give 
you any results - there're no other drives in drop-down menu.

c) double-click the bread-crunch (or is it called?) location bar and try 
to just retype D instead of C so that it reads 'D:'. You press Enter and 
what do you get instead of D: drive content? An error mesage in the 
status bar and 'file://d' in location bar. It goes all well if you type 
'D:\', though.

So, there're actually 2 problems:
1)having empty drop-down list while it's not 'Drive C:' in the location 
bar (it's not necessarily letter C).
2)annoying slash after drive letter which is needed but always 
disappears, confusing those who doesn't know about that 'feature'.

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