Konqueror broken shortcut

Eduard Sukharev kraplax at mail.ru
Sat May 24 14:23:02 CEST 2008

For the first time i installed KDe on Windows XP it created shortcuts 
for all the applications it provided me with. But the only thing that i 
couldn't run was Konqueror. Ithought it was Konqi bug, and searched for 
it a bit. Then, i've found that the shortcut that was generated ws 
linked to kfmclient.exe instead of konqueror.exe. Since kfmclient has 
the same icon as dolphin and dolphin is some kind of relative to konqi - 
i thought that the 'real name' for konqueror executable is 
kfmclient.exe. I even not noticed that there's a real konqueror.exe 
lying out there! :(
So, it's not a big bug if you know that there's a bug and you only need 
to change the name of executable in the shortcut. But it's a real 
headache for complete newbie.

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